Consulting and Interim Management


How does this work?

The first step: we come in and spend 5 – 10 days working with your senior leadership, in addition to having individual meetings with other key people.

We work out where you are vs where you could be / want to be.

Then we produce a snapshot of what that looks like – we call that a “Problem Diagnosis”.

From there, you have options, including:

  1. The Problem Diagnosis is issued to your incumbent team, who will action themselves
  2. We write an Action Plan to be implemented by your people
  3. A SAWT consultant works within your business, helping you to fully implement the Action Plan
  4. SAWT conducts a periodic review of your systems and processes at agreed intervals


Interim Management

If you need someone to act in a senior role whilst recruiting for a permanent placement, or to provide support for any other reason, we can support you on an interim basis. Whether for a week or a year, we’re here to help.