Transform your people-related strategies and grow your bottom line through implementing Health and Safety, Wellbeing and Mental Health strategy programmes.

It’s 2023… and you’re a leader in your organisation. You know that the post-pandemic world is different and that looking after your people is more critical now than ever before. 

We are in the era of ‘the great resignation’. Employees are demanding more from organisations. So are customers. These aren’t just transactional relationships.

As Richard Branson said: “If you look after your people, your people will look after your customers.”

By taking a holistic approach to wellbeing, health and safety and prioritising your people, you are doing right by them and right by your stakeholders.

Workplace, Workforce and Wellbeing Strategy Programmes: W3


We offer 2 main consultancy programmes to our clients, as detailed below.


W3 Programme

Duration: 1 year



Stage 1: Diagnose
Month 1
  • We work with your senior leadership team + stakeholders
  • We conduct diagnostics, insight and audits
  • We review strategies and policies and produce a snapshot of what that looks like. We call that a Problem Diagnosis


Stage 2: Action
Month 2
  • We create a pragmatic action plan
  • We design a programme to execute the action plan
Stage 3: Implement
Month 3 – 11

Implementation of the action plan by the client’s H&S Manager and HR Manager (or other appropriate people).

  • Once a month we have a 1-hour check-in with the client’s H&S Manager
  • Once a month we have a 1-hour check-in with the client’s HR Manager


Stage 4: Review
Month 12

We conduct an annual review of the client’s systems and processes.


What is included in the W3 12-month journey?
  1. A full audit of your people, processes, policies, risk assessments, HR, onboarding and paperwork through interviews with key stakeholders
  2. A 12-month, personalised action plan based on six key areas: systems, strategy, policies, processes, culture, people & capabilities
  3. Board and SLT level Wellbeing & Mental Health and Health & Safety Masterclasses
  4. 1:1 monthly coaching for H&S Manager and HR Manager, including Monday – Thursday access via personal messaging platform
  5. Mentoring for Board / C-Suite
  6. Access to resources including pre-created templates, for example, bespoke risk profile creation

W3 Light Programme

Duration: 2-3 months


The W3 Light programme covers Stages 1 and 2 of the 12-month W3 Programme.


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