Workplace, Workforce and Wellbeing Strategy Programmes: W3


We offer 2 main consultancy programmes to our clients, as detailed below.


W3 Programme

Duration: 1 year



Stage 1: Diagnose
Month 1
We work with your senior leadership team + other key people. We find the problem, and conduct diagnostics and audits.
Then we produce a snapshot of what that looks like. We call that a Problem Diagnosis.


Stage 2: Action
Month 2
We create a detailed action plan and set up working groups.


Stage 3: Implement
Month 3 – 11
Implementation of the Action Plan by the client’s H&S Manager and HR Manager (or other appropriate people).
  • Once a month we have a 1-hour check-in with the client’s H&S Manager
  • Once a month we have a 1-hour check-in with the client’s HR Manager


Stage 4: Review
Month 12
We conduct an annual review of the client’s systems and processes.


What is included in the W3 12-month journey?
  • A full audit of your people, processes, policies, risk assessments, HR, onboarding and paperwork through interviews with key stakeholders
  • A 12-month, personalised action plan based on six key areas: systems, strategy, policies, processes, culture, people & capabilities
  • 1:1 monthly coaching for H&S Manager and HR Manager, including Monday – Thursday access via personal messaging platform
  • Mentoring for Board / C-Suite
  • Board and SLT level Wellbeing & Mental Health and Health & Safety Masterclasses
  • Access to resources including pre-created templates, for example, bespoke risk profile creation


W3 Light Programme

Duration: 2-3 months



The W3 Light programme covers Stages 1 and 2 of the W3 Programme.


Please book a Discovery Call to discuss your needs.