Lee Baron Chartered Surveyors: 3 month contract followed by 12 months retained support

Wellbeing, Health and Safety Consulting and Risk Management
  • Conducted a full review of H&S systems, policies and procedures
  • Delivered a Problem Diagnosis, assessing areas missing from the Wellbeing, Health and Safety Framework
  • Issued an Action Plan with key milestones; reported updates to Executive Board
  • Implemented Wellbeing, Health and Safety (WHS) policy and associated procedures; rolled out through the entire organisation
  • Reduced legal risk and reputational risk by ensuring that key risks were being addressed throughout the portfolio
  • Significantly improved the organisational mindset towards WHS through influencing and training the Directors, then entire staff including senior management and site-based staff
  • Delivered in depth H&S training for key roles and general H&S training for every other member of staff
  • Set 12 month WHS strategy, reviewed quarterly; received full buy-in from each Director
  • Introduced internal reporting
  • Introduced governance processes
  • Recruited and mentored WHS Manager
  • Improved control and consistency throughout the portfolio, resulting in better visibility for senior management, allowing a cohesive approach to managing risk throughout the organisation and its assets
  • Designed a program of internal communications including wellbeing campaigns
  • Rolled out the Employee Assistance Plan, further engendering the commitment to employee Wellbeing


Leadership Development and Training
  • Delivered Director’s Wellbeing, Health and Safety Masterclass to the entire Executive Board