Lee Baron Chartered Surveyors: 3-month contract followed by 12 months of retained support
+ Leadership Development workshops

Wellbeing, Health and Safety Consulting and Risk Management


Why did Lee Baron come to us?

Lee Baron required a comprehensive review and enhancement of their Health & Safety systems, policies, and procedures. They needed an assessment of missing elements in their Wellbeing, Health, and Safety Framework alongside an actionable plan with clear milestones.

Additionally, they aimed to reduce legal and reputational risks by addressing key risks throughout their portfolio, improving the organisational mindset towards WHS, enhancing overall governance processes, and developing their leaders to be highly performing and effectively manage health and safety responsibilities.


What did we do?

  • Full Review and Problem Diagnosis: Conducted a thorough review of H&S systems, policies, and procedures. Delivered a Problem Diagnosis identifying gaps in the Wellbeing, Health, and Safety Framework.
  • Action Plan and Reporting: Issued a detailed Action Plan with key milestones and regularly reported updates to the Executive Board.
  • Policy Implementation: Implemented WHS policy and associated procedures, rolling them out across the entire organisation.
  • Risk Reduction: Reduced legal and reputational risks by ensuring key risks were addressed throughout the portfolio.
  • Mindset Improvement: Significantly improved organisational mindset towards WHS by influencing and training Directors, senior management, and site-based staff.
  • Strategy and Governance: Set a 12-month WHS strategy with quarterly reviews, achieving full buy-in from each Director. Introduced internal reporting and governance processes.
  • Recruitment and Mentorship: Recruited and mentored a WHS Manager to ensure continued success and consistency.
  • Enhanced Control and Visibility: Improved control and consistency throughout the portfolio, resulting in better visibility for senior management and a cohesive approach to managing risk.
  • Internal Communications: Designed and implemented a program of internal communications, including wellbeing campaigns.
  • Employee Assistance Plan: Rolled out the Employee Assistance Programme, reinforcing the organisation’s commitment to employee wellbeing.


Learning and Development aspects:

  • Training: Delivered in-depth H&S training for key roles and general H&S training for all staff members.
  • Leadership Development: Provided comprehensive leadership development training aimed at developing leaders to be highly performing and effective in managing health and safety responsibilities.
  • Executive Training: Delivered a Director’s Wellbeing, Health and Safety Masterclass to the Executive Board.