Event Details

Workplace Productivity, Trends and Insight event:

‘Delivering the Next Generation Workplace: Embracing the Wellbeing and Engagement Challenge’

This thought leadership event was hosted by Harmsen Tilney Shane. Audience was C-Suite, Senior Directors and Heads of Department from various industries.

Topics discussed included
  • Seeing people as a holistic unit: health, wellbeing, home life, work life
  • Looking at productivity through the lens of wellbeing and engagement
  • Do we get the leaders we deserve?
  • Today’s great leaders have different skills than those of 10 years ago
  • What next generation leaders do differently – and the toolkit they possess
  • Understanding self: neuroscience, psychology, mental health, emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Understanding the workforce: 4 different generations
  • Changing times, evolving organisations in today’s workforce
  • Millennials: different needs of Gen Y (and Gen Z)
  • Systems and strategies next generation workplaces put in place: proactive and reactive interventions
  • Improving workplaces performance whilst driving out unnecessary costs
  • Supportive education: work / life balance, nutrition, exercise, sleep
  • Increasing personal and workforce resilience