• 2003

    A recruiter talked Sarah into interviewing for a Health & Safety role

    Sarah’s initial response was “Why on earth would you think I want to do Health and Safety? Have you met any one in that field?!”.

    Sarah interviewed with a global financial services firm, where after some initial banter about the upcoming Rugby World Cup, she settled in to see what this Health and Safety stuff was really all about.

    The clincher was when Sarah was told “I highly suspect that you’ll be excellent in this field, as you will be equally comfortable being supportive, encouraging and engaging as you will kicking people’s butts when they choose to do the wrong thing”.

    A real interest in understanding what makes organisations successful, and a deep desire to help people blended together, and Sarah embarked on a career in H&S.

  • 2003 - 2011

    Changing the stereotype and pushing the health agenda

    Determined not to be a stereotypical Health and Safety person, Sarah set about to ensure that all her dealings were consultative in style, engaging with leadership and workers to fully understand what their risks were.

    Additionally during these years, Sarah focused on doing Health and Safety differently. Health had always been treated as Safety’s little sister and organisations were missing a key opportunity to look after their people better.

  • 2011 - 2018

    The inception of Sarah Piddington Consulting

    An opportunity presented itself for Sarah to set up her first company, and SPC came to life.

    Sarah set about reformulating the approach to H&S by focusing on wellbeing first, followed by health and safety. She devised a pioneering formula, which improves productivity through effective and engaging Wellbeing & Mental Health, and Health & Safety leadership.

  • 2018

    Introducing Safe and Well Together

    Sarah decided to really focus on the relationship between safety and wellbeing, and therefore decided to rebrand SPC to clearly state the company’s focus on Safety and Wellbeing.

    In 2018, Safe and Well Together (SAWT) was born.