NHK World, Japan

Recorded interview from London, 20th March 2014. Aired on NHK network, Japanese TV 24.04.2014 and 25.04.2014

NHK are Japan’s largest broadcasting organisation. NHK contacted Sarah as a Health & Safety legislation subject matter expert and asked her to be interviewed for a program on Corporate Accountability.

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In April 2005, there was a train derailment in Japan that killed 107 people. Japan has no Health and Safety legislation, so no corporate body or individuals were ever held to account. There is a now movement in Japan to introduce new legislation like the UK’s Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.


Sarah was interviewed by NHK’s main correspondent, and also had a discussion with Mr Omori, the father of one of the deceased, who is central in the movement to introduce legislation that enforces corporate accountability. Sarah was asked about her opinions on how the UK’s Corporate Manslaughter / Corporate Homicide Act has been implemented and tested, and whether she sees any areas for improvement.

Sarah’s interview was put together with other interviews with families of the deceased, legal professionals etc. NHK aired the program on the anniversary of the crash, and several other times around that date.