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1 day Masterclass: ‘Health & Safety and HR Professionals: Bridging the Wellbeing Knowledge Gap’

More and more, we are called on in our roles to provide support or guidance to people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or other Wellbeing issues.
Traditional Health & Safety and HR qualifications don’t teach us how to deal with Wellbeing or Mental Health issues.
These courses also don’t educate us on how to support managers who are responsible for managing people with these conditions – and we are often best placed to be providing this support.
We at SPA believe that this should sit with Wellbeing, Health and Safety professionals, and that it should be supported by HR.
Most of us are really passionate about people – and Health and Safety was just the beginning. It’s important that we deliver more to our people and organisations, so let’s become passionate about Wellbeing!
This course is designed for anyone in a H&S, HR, or similar role who wants to expand their knowledge base to include education on Wellbeing and Mental Health. It will give an overview of
  • The Wellbeing, Health and Safety Cycle
  • The Wheel of Wellbeing: a holistic approach to supporting your people. Knowing how your people intrinsically work is essential!
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing issues that employees face including stress, anxiety and depression
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Understanding Self: Emotional Intelligence; Self Awareness; Understanding your Brain
  • Personal resilience
  • Physical environment
  • How serious the Mental Health issue has become and where it’s heading
  • The stigma that is attached to mental health issues
  • How to set up a Wellbeing, Health and Safety Framework
  • How to write effective Wellbeing policies
  • How to implement Wellbeing strategies
  • How to implement intervention systems for Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • The role that Health and Safety and HR play in supporting those suffering from Wellbeing or Mental Health issues
  • How to run successful Wellbeing campaigns