Safe And Well Together are currently offering a Covid-19 assurance package to assist our clients.

Covid-19 has had an extraordinary impact on the world. All business sectors have been met with serious challenges.

March 2020 saw the first in a series of enforced lockdowns. With the easing of restrictions comes the need for organisations to establish necessary frameworks and procedures which ensure that their health, safety, and wellbeing protocols meet current guidance, legislative requirements, and best practice.

We are here to help.

At SAWT, we understand Health & Safety, Mental Health & Wellbeing. We are here to assist you with implementing improvements which will improve the safety and wellbeing of your people, enabling them to return to the work more confidently.

Covid-19 Assurance Process

  1. Identify key stakeholders
  2. Audit policies, procedures, and risk assessments
  3. Audit facilities and workplace Health and Safety precautions e.g. social distancing, PPE, etc
  4. Provide Problem Diagnosis and Action Plan, detailing specific accountabilities, timelines, communication streams, etc
  5. Issue guidance documents, risk assessments, and safe operating procedures which will form part of your Covid-19 Toolbox

Fees on enquiry

Please contact Sarah for a chat about what support we can provide. Email, or phone on 07791 97 82 44.