1 day Wellbeing, Health and Safety Training for Directors

This 1 day training program has been designed exclusively for Directors and senior managers who are responsible for the strategic direction of their organisation.
You will receive education and practical information including pragmatic advice on
  • Your roles and responsibilities for Wellbeing, Health and Safety as a Director
  • Key legal requirements including Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide legislation
  • The human, economic and legal implications of non-compliance with health and safety legislation
  • How the Health and Safety Sentencing Guidelines increase the need for effective risk management
  • Appointing competent Wellbeing, Health and Safety resources
  • Preparing Wellbeing, Health, Safety and Policies, Strategies that support and enhance your organisation’s mission, vision and values
  • Implementing Wellbeing, Health and Safety Intervention Systems
  • Effective governance
  • The benefits of getting it right: productivity, sickness absence, turnover, insurance
  • Promoting a positive Wellbeing, Health and Safety culture within your organisation
  • Measuring and improving performance
  • What happens when it goes wrong – enforcement, prosecution, Interviews Under Caution